Knives Versus Guns for Self-Defense

You guys have all been asking a lot of great questions lately, and I just wanted to take the time to address a few that y’all have been asking a lot, and that is: Are knives a good option for self-defense over guns, and if so what would be a knife for Self-Defense.

I want to start off by first saying, unless you are willing to take the time to train appropriately either isn’t a good option for you. Knives can be even more deadly than guns in some cases, and you have to make that personal choice if you can go through with defending yourself with a knife and to possibly kill someone if your life or your family’s lives are on the line. Knives are a little different for three major reasons:

  1. They are very easy to conceal, and 80% of attackers doing reveal they have one until they are well within striking distance.

  2. They never run out of ammo

  3. They are up close and very personal, and require a knowledge of the human body to be deployed quickly and effectively.

So to answer your question: Yes. They are and can be extremely effective in the right hands, not saying they are any better than worse than firearms but it’s another option if you would rather not carry a firearm. They key is you have to be more skilled at violence in order to win against your opponent, how you choose to do that is up to you. Just keep in mind that in close quarters, the knife tends to win but that’s a video for another day. A lot of people carry utility knives and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact I encourage it. The main problem here is the deployment factor, fumbling around and trying to get a folder open under all that adrenaline and stress might make the difference weather or not you succeed in that fight. That’s why out of all the knives I’ve looked at and carried over the years, one stands out above the rest, and that’s the SOCP Dagger.

The reason I love this knife is because it’s so easily concealable, has the karambit ring which makes it a lot harder for someone to disarm because I have a finger locked in, and I can still use my firearm with it. If my firearm goes dry, I still have another tool at ready. If you are not comfortable with either, there is still another non-lethal option for you and that’s called a tactical pen. A lot of different companies make them, they’re not very expensive, and it doesn’t require a lot of skill or training to use. The one I have is from 5.11, they make great products and highly, highly recommend these guys. I hope this answered some of your questions, so until next time: Train Hard, Stay Safe, and Be Blessed in Jesus Name! Praying for every single one of y’all!

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