Warrior Mindset

I’ve heard countless excuses of why people don’t want to train, and they range from I don’t have the time, I’m out of shape, or my personal favorite... I don’t need training, I’ll just shoot them. What most people don’t understand about self-defense training is YOU are the weapon, everything else is just a tool. Fights happen fast and change constantly. You have to try and be a prepared as possible. This is why it’s imperative to build what I like to call: The Warrior Mindset.

It’s the switch you flip on in your mind when dealing with a self-defense scenario. You could be on the street, at a bar, or in a car. But at some point, you need to engage that warrior mindset so you can get home at the end of the day. You don’t have to have a Law Enforcement or Military background in order to develop it, it’s not about what training background you have as opposed to what you’re willing to do to stop that threat to you or your family. It’s about developing that mental toughness through the training and pushing through both physical and mental plateaus to make yourself a better, more capable warrior than yesterday. Bad people prey on the mentality of the weak, people who put their fate in chance and think something like this will never happen to them. People who are constantly on their cell phone, distracted with kids, the elderly, or just unaware of their surroundings. Realistically speaking, chances are it’s very unlikely you will have to use it, however; out of that let’s say 5 to 10% chance.. could you weigh that cost? Could you honestly live with yourself knowing that if I had invested time and training I could have been able to save my family from harm? I couldn’t live with that, and that’s why I train. I don’t mind getting my ass kicked at the gym, what I do have a problem with failing the people I love the most if that situation ever arises in the real world. That’s why developing warrior mindset is so important, that’s what being a warrior is: willing to put yourself in harms way to stop the bad guy from hurting innocent people. The key with developing warrior mindset is not just turning it on, but knowing at what point to do so. A wise man once told me, there will always be people like us for people like them. And with enough time and training in the right system, you’ll find you can overcome any situation life throws at you because you’ve trained mentally to do so. Give your life over to Christ and watch all the good He will bring from it.

A lot of people I don’t think realize it, but Jesus Christ was the greatest warrior history has ever known. It takes a much stronger person to resist the fight then to jump right into it. Jesus knew that love is the only weapon stronger than fear, that’s why He calls us to love one another and not to judge. As the Bible says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against rulers and principalities of darkness in the air. But unfortunately, we live in a world that’s run by the enemy, and there will always been bad people out there that want to do bad things to good people. They have evil in their hearts and have mentally been influenced by the enemy. There was an article I read just the other day about an elderly Pastor and his wife who were beaten and burned alive inside their home, after they had robbed them. All for $1,000 in cash they made them previously pull from an ATM right next to where they lived. You not only have to worry about what someone might do physically to hurt you, but the mentality behind that person. That’s why in every generation He has called Christian warriors to rise up and defend the weak, because the only thing that’s going to stop a bad guy is a good guy willing to engage that warrior mindset and stop that threat.

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