Best Self-Defense (Part 2) – Investing Time in Good Training

Being situationally aware is a great, active first step in stopping a potential threat. However, there is still a chance that a bad guy who wants to do you harm might get the jump on you; that’s why it’s important to have invested time and training into a self-defense program that WORKS FOR YOU!

Students have asked me a lot over the years which style is the best to take, and the answer is there isn’t just one style for eve

rything. Each style has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best thing you can do is create a solid base of three things and then add to it as time rocks along. Those are Physical Fitness, Hand-To-Hand Combatives, and Weapons Training. Good, solid training consists of time and dedication to all three areas, and will give you the best base from which to build. Not to mention with all the BS that’s on YouTube regarding self-defense, it can be very challenging for someone to find a program or style that really prepares you for the threats of the modern world. I saw one the other day that claims that they will teach you how to defend yourself while in a “dream state”… most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Period. The sad thing part about it is, there are actually people that buy this crap.

I’m very upfront with my students, just coming to one seminar isn’t going to turn anyone into a badass. There are NO SHORT CUTS! You have to continuously train in order for it to become muscle memory. You have no idea what that situation might dictate, that’s why I train and expose my students to a lot of various styles and then train what works for them into muscle memory. A good example would be if someone was going to try and rob you with a gun, and you we’re a highly capable martial artist but never got training on how to shoot. More than likely, the bad guy would be successful. Here’s why: even if that highly capable martial artist had a gun on him, he still has no idea how to manage that gun under stress because he hadn’t invested the time in training outside of going to the range and shooting a static target. If he tried to use it he would probably end up getting shot or killed.

The truth is, you need to train in all three consistently and create a solid base from where you can then build a self-defense style that works for you. I had a great firearms instructor that told me something I would never forget: “You are the weapon, everything else: your gun, knives, or hands are tools to get the job done”. I’m a big believer in your mind is your greatest weapon, and I never forgot what he said because it rings so true. When it comes down to it, You and the Weapon and your invested time and training will dictate how good you want to become.

My advice, be as hard to kill as possible because the cost of not being prepared is a price I’m not willing to pay. Are you?

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