Tactical Defense offers courses in Self-Defense, Women's Self-Defense, and Weapons Training. All classes are open enrollment, private lessons can also be set up with an instructor. For more information on private lessons or any of the classes listed please e-mail us at: william@tacticaldefense.co 

Self-Defense: Level 1

Monthly Membership | $150 (up to 2 classes weekly)

Drop-in Rate | 40 (per class) 

Level 1 Self-Defense makes up the core fundamentals of the Tactical Defense System. You will learn how to develop situational awareness, learn easy no nonsense tactics, and through training and discipline turn all these skills into muscle memory. 

Self-Defense: Level 2

Monthly Membership | $200 (up to 2 classes weekly)

Drop-in Rate | $40 (per class) 


Level 2 Self-Defense dives deeper into the concepts and techniques of Level 1. Training will include more advanced techniques, along with an in depth understanding of weapon offense and defense strategies and tactics. 

Women's Self-Defense

Group | $45(per person) - Date & Time Coordinated with Instructor

Monthly Membership | $200 (up to 2 classes weekly)
Drop-in Rate | $40 (per class) 


Our Women's Self-Defense course is geared to conflicts women face in our modern world today. This course focuses on concepts such as rape prevention, mall/grocery store parking lot confrontation, and improvised tactics to help give women the edge in a conflict situation. We also provide real world case study to help you better understand the criminal mind you're dealing with, and how to stop them cold in their tracks. 

Intro to Edged Weapons
$100 - Coordinated with Instructor
Intro course into using a Edged Weapon for Self-Defense. Advantages and disadvantages versus carrying a firearm, different type of knives, and drawing from concealment. 
Edged Weapons I

Monthly Membership | $230 (up to 2 classes weekly)
Drop-in Rate | $60 (per class) 


Edged Weapons I course will make you proficient how to used an edged weapon for Self-Defense. Concepts include how to use a knife offensively, defensively, pulling from concealment, and legal aspects to using a knife versus a firearm for Self-Defense. 

Private Lessons

1 Hour | $75
Date & Time Coordinated with Instructor


Private lessons allow an individual student to develop their skills through one on one training time with an instructor. Individual lessons are 1 hour long, and are $75.00 date and time of each training session will be coordinated with the instructor.