The Tactical Defense System (T.D.S)

Tactical Defense is a Christian, reality based self-defense program created to handle the threats of the modern world through the principals of Awareness, Discipline, and Tactics. This program will help students achieve a high level of security though hands on instruction of specific tactics to neutralize any modern day combat scenario. These tactics will be taught over and over again until muscle memory is formed, this way each student will not have to think during a combative encounter but rather react accordingly. We offer classes in Self-Defense, Women’s Self-Defense, and Weapons Training. These courses will utilize concepts from various styles such as Boxing, Russian Martial Arts, Ju-jitsu, Je Kun Do, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do and US Air Force/Army Combatives. The class curriculum will be separated into 4 parts: Warm up, Lesson, Concept Learning, and Sparing.

Tactical Defense Head Instructor: William Tresten

Master Level Martial Arts Instructor William Tresten began is martial arts training in 2000, under Sensei Rick Short of Rick Short Martial Arts. Studying a blended curriculum of Tae-Kwon-Do, Akido, Jui-Jitsu, Systema, and Jeet Kun Do. William earned his fourth degree black belt in 2011, which earned him the title of "Master Level Instructor". 

During college, William enrolled in the Air Force/Army Combatives Program in 2008 and became certified as a Combatives Instructor for the US Army and Air Force. This training works synergistically with his martial arts training to produce a well-rounded, powerful tactical defense program. 

In 2016 William launch his Tactical Defense System to empower people to feel safer and more secure in an increasingly dangerous world. All too often, people become victims of assault or violent crimes because they "freeze up" during a confrontation. William's Tactical Defense Program teaches techniques that ultimately transform into "muscle memory" making them almost second nature. 

Seeing an opportunity to help others, William utilized his combined experience of martial arts and self-defense to create the Tactical Defense System. William's goal is keeping the community safe, one less victim at a time. 



Situational awareness is the first key to the Tactical Defense System. In order to handle modern day threats, we believe in constantly keeping a watchful eye on our surroundings and establishing zones to take appropriate action to stop a threat. By practicing good situational awareness, you can stop most threats before they start. 


The second part of the Tactical Defense System is Discipline. This is what makes our fighting system stand out from other self-defense programs. By training your brain to master each technique until it becomes muscle memory, students will be able to use all the techniques learned at a moment’s notice. Too many times under adrenaline and stress, techniques are not properly executed and the student "forgets" valuable lessons learned in the heat of the moment. Muscle memory solves that problem. Our students will have trained in each technique repeatedly to the point that performing it becomes instinctual. This gives the student the ability to call on these techniques, at any moment, weather they have learned them a day ago or 10 years ago.


Tactics are the individual techniques, skills, and mindset you will learn from the Tactical Defense System. These tactics are taken from from over 17 years of testing and training. This ensures that the student will have the most effective fighting tools at his/her disposal. Having drilled these techniques into muscle memory, arms the student with the essential knowledge and capability to handle any confrontational situation the world can throw at them.